Tert Butyl Hydrogen Peroxide (TBHP)

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What is Tert-Butyl HydroPeroxide

Tert butyl hydroperoxide, also known as tert butyl alcohol hydroperoxide, is an organic compound with chemical formula C4H10O2. It is a colorless transparent liquid, slightly soluble in water, easily soluble in most organic solvents such as ethanol and ether. It is mainly used as a catalyst, bleaching powder and deodorant, cross-linking agent of unsaturated polyester, initiator for polymerization, and rubber vulcanizing agent.

Tert-Butyl HydroPeroxide Info

CAS No.: 75-91-2
Molecular formula: c4h10o2
Molecular weight: 90.12
Boiling point: 111 ° C
Flash point: 26.7 ℃
Melting point: - 3 ℃
70% water-soluble hydrogen

tert-butyl hydroperoxide.png

Figure 1 - Tert-Butyl HydroPeroxide Index

Main Purpose of Tert-Butyl HydroPeroxide Info

Emulsion polymerization, sulfur addition to natural raw rubber, improvement of cetane number of diesel fuel, introduction of tert butyl peroxide group, also used as crosslinking agent for unsaturated polyester at moderate and high temperatures. Used as initiator of anaerobic adhesive and fast curing acrylate structural adhesive. It is also used as an initiator for polymerization reaction (elimination after monomer polymerization in acrylic lotion).