Solubility of solid sodium ethoxide

1. Appearance property of solid sodium ethoxide: white or yellowish hygroscopic powder. It is sensitive to light. Exposed to air for decomposition. The color becomes darker after long storage.

2. Solid sodium ethoxide is one of the typical alkoxide salts, which has strong alkaline properties. The chemical formula is C2H5ONa. It can be prepared by the reaction of sodium and ethanol: 2 C2H5OH+2 Na → 2 C2H5ONa+H2.

3. In industry, it is prepared by heating reflux reaction of sodium hydroxide and ethanol in the presence of benzene or cyclohexane: C2H5OH+NaOH → C2H5ONa+H2O

4. Solid sodium ethoxide is hydrolyzed to produce sodium hydroxide and ethanol: C2H5ONa+H2O → C2H5OH+NaOH

Solid sodium ethoxide is used as strong basic catalyst, ethoxylator, coagulant and reductant in organic synthesis. The products used in sodium ethoxide medicine include benzidol, ethambul, and pirfuroxil penicillin, etc. In addition, it is also used for pesticides and analytical reagents. Solid sodium ethoxide is mainly used in medicine and pesticide industry.