Precautions for storage of solid sodium ethoxide

When storing solid sodium ethoxide, many problems need to be paid attention to by enterprises. Because solid sodium ethoxide is very sensitive to humidity in use, it can be decomposed into other products when meeting water, which has a great impact on our use.

What should we pay attention to when storing solid sodium ethoxide? Let's take a look.

It shall be protected by inert gas during storage, so that it will not be decomposed when encountering water.

When employees use it, how to operate it is a problem that many people should pay attention to. When using it for operation, we should follow the normal process to ensure that it will not be decomposed into other things.

In addition, the actual solid sodium ethoxide products should be stored in a cold, dark and dry place. There are also oxidants and acid chemicals, which should be stored separately. Otherwise, if we have certain reactions to each other during storage, we must store such products separately.

In case of a fire during the storage of solid sodium ethoxide, the fire extinguisher will decompose and decompose ethanol if it encounters water, so pay attention not to use water and foam. Because sodium ethoxide will burn when encountering water. Therefore, dry powder, sand or carbon dioxide shall be used to extinguish the fire. As a result, fire fighting can be carried out safely, and unexpected situations will not occur during fire fighting. So as to protect the appropriateness of the product.