How dangerous is benzoyl peroxide? Is it easy to explode?

As a widely used compound, benzoyl peroxide is a substance with certain danger. Although it will not cause inexplicable explosion accidents under normal circumstances, once it is hit, rubbed or vibrated, the risk coefficient of benzoyl peroxide will greatly increase.

In addition, if benzoyl peroxide is heated to 103 ~ 105 ℃, benzoyl peroxide will also explode.

In the process of explosion, benzoyl peroxide will produce irritating and toxic smoke. The main components of these smoke are benzoic acid and carbon monoxide gas, which will cause great damage to human body and further aggravate the power of explosion.

Benzoyl peroxide is a strong oxidant, which can react violently with some other flammable or reducing substances, such as various organic substances, inorganic substances, alcohols or amines, which will cause fire and even explosion accidents.

Therefore, benzoyl peroxide is a relatively dangerous substance, which needs to be stored with correct means, otherwise when the environment changes or it is put together with other compounds, its explosion risk will be greatly increased.