Liquid Sodium Ethoxide

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What is Sodium Ethoxide

Sodium ethoxide is an organic compound, with the chemical formula C2H5ONa . It is a white to yellowish hygroscopic powder. It can be rapidly decomposed into sodium hydroxide and ethanol when encountering water. It can be dissolved in absolute ethanol without decomposition. Insoluble in benzene, it is mainly used as a strong basic catalyst and ethoxylation agent, and can also be used in the organic synthesis of pharmaceuticals, pesticides, fragrances and so on.

Product Info:

Molecular Formula:C2H5NaO

Molecular Weight:68.06

Appearance: light yellow

Total alkali%: 17% - 21%

Free alkali% ≤: 0.6%


High pure solid/liquid sodium methoxide Sodiun ethylate, Sodim tert-butoxide are used in industry for dyes, pigments and intermediates; plastics (polymerization catalysts for alcohols, fats and nitriles; used as neutralizers in the production of polyolefins by rinsing ); cosmetics and medicines (vitamins, sulfonamides, barbiturates, hormones, spices, food flavors, fragrance (essential) oils; edible oils and fats (fat-based transfer catalysts for plant and animal glycerides); synthetic detergents (Catalyst for preparing foam stabilizers and emulsifiers); Paints and varnishes (modification of dry oil produced by unsaturated fatty acids.)

And It is mainly used in the pharmaceutical and pesticide industries, as a strong basic catalyst, ethoxylating agent, and as a coagulant and reducing agent in organic synthesis and pharmaceutical synthesis.

Main Advantages:

Using the sodium process, the resulting solid/liquid sodium methoxide Sodiun ethylate and Sodim tert-butoxide are high in amount, low in free alkali and strong in activity, which effectively increases the yield and color of the user's products, thereby reducing transportation costs and production costs. The production cycle is shortened, equipment investment is saved, production links are greatly reduced, production safety is ensured, and it has obvious economic and social benefits.

Storage and Transportation:

Stored in a cool, dry warehouse. Keep away from fire and heat. Separated storage and transportation with oxidants and acids. Lightly load and unload during handling to keep the package intact.

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Figure 1 - Liquid Sodium ethoxide index