Green Formwork System - Concrete Slab Formwork System 

Prop Formwork System For Concrete Structure

What is Concrete Formwork?

Formwork is the structure, usually temporary, used to contain poured concrete and to mould it to the required dimensions and support until it is able to support itself. It consists primarily of the face contact material and the bearers that directly support the face contact material.

What is  Green Formwork System?

Construction Material - Concrete Formwork System for slab

Speaking about the formwork for concrete, there are different type of Concrete slabs in concrete construction.


This slab formwork system, called green formwork system, is based on several basic functionalities. Well at the same time, the early stripping also called early striking mechanism help a lot on site for concrete structures.

Luriel Green Formwork System is an advance concrete slab formwork system, which contains steel/aluminium framing with bamboo plywood inside, high load capacity with class B props as the shoring system,which meets the general requirments. It is also a steel panel prop formwork system which allows early striking operation att the same time,it could also be considered a formwork system with early stripping /early striking system to boost the construciton schedule for concrete structure and component.As the updated version of table formwork, it grows high installation efficiency for post tension slab project.​

green formwork.jpg

Figure 1 - In site construction

Green Formwork System Tech. Details

Figure 2 -  Technical Details

Panel Prop Formwork System Features

Steel Framing and Steel Components

The Frame could be Steel and Aluminium and other steel parts like props use Q345 and Q235 Material as the main material.

Puzzle Style

The whole system is like playing the puzzles, without the process of pre-installation like other table formwork system in the site,which will also save the time and labour.

Support Head

With Green formwork early stripping mechanism, we can use only 1 set of panel + 2 sets of props/shroing system to cycle for the whole project which will save the cost on material compared with the traditional formwork with plywood.

A System Allows Early Stripping

The six directions self locking system ensures that the stability and safety.

Aux Beam

At the same time, the prop also provide the room for aux beam to meet the need of traditional formwork users in 12mm.

Cost Effective Ratio

Reasonable price with high cost ratio.

Green Formwork Early Stripping Head

Figure 3 - Early Stripping Head and Performance

Formwork Solutions as a Steel Formwork for Concrete Construction

  • Formwork Panel/Formwork Shuttering  - Concrete Formwork Panel 

      Multiple Dimensions from whose frame is made of Q345B with high quality.


  • Prop/Shoring System - Formwork Props - Prop System

       Load capacity of the prop from 37KN at the height  of 2.3m to 20.1KN at the height of 3.5m with 2:1 safety factor.

       Shoring formwork from 2.2m to 3.5m without the tripods.

  • Infill Beam

       For the area aournd the column wall where the Green formwork pane can't reach, we suggest the concrete forming         contractor to use the tradtional plywood with thickness 12mm

Green Formwork  System Panel,Prop and Infill Beam

Figure 4 -  Panel,Prop and Infill Beam

Suitable Formwork Solution,Solution to  most concrete project

  • The area aournd the column and wall could  use the infill beam of green formwork with the traditional plywood whose thickness is 12mm to infill.

  • In this way, the one who stores the traditional formwork could still consume in the current or new project instead of material waste.

  • The picture below is to show the solutionof  the drop panel area near the column.

Green Formwork infill area around column

Figure 5 - Infill area around column


  • ​Efficient

Installation Speed up to 100 sqm/man/day for post tension slab

  • Long Duration

Bamboo Plywood ensures that duaration is 50 times at least for casting on the surface.Steel frame with industrial glue could also protect boundary of the bamboo plywood to make sure the whole system is operational.

  • Environmental Friendly

Reduce the cost of materials, there is no need to cut the plywood for the most of areas.

  • Save Labour Cost

Could save 50% labour in a quite efficient and improve & boost the construction schedule.

  • Compatible With Traditional Plywood

With infill beam, the tradtional plywood is also possible to be involved. Only with the requirements for  the thickness with 12mm. And green formwork could also work with other wall formwork and column formwork system.

Why is Green Formwork Considered Green Construction

The modern construction requires high efficiency and quality at the same time, well it could allow that happens in a reasonable range. Early stripping mechanism ensures safety, and the bamboo plywood ensures mutiple times than the normal plywood.Hence, That is why it is considered green construction.

How To Install Luriel Green Formwork system?

1.Adjust the steel props to the required length

2.Erect the steel props using gate brace

3.Hang the Panel to the Prop Head

4.Swing the lower end of the Panel to position using ADT

5.Insert, push, straighten and lock in the fourth Props

6.Repeat steps 3,4 & 5

Green Formwork Installation Process

Figure 6 - Green Formwork Installation Process

Construction Projects

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green formwork

Green formwork

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Green formwork

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Green formwork

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