Diethyl Oxalate

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What is Diethyl Oxalate

Diethyl oxalate, also known as diethyl acetate, is an organic compound with chemical formula C6H10O4.

It is mainly used as a solvent and as an intermediate in medicine and dyes.

Product Info:

​Product Name: Diethyl Oxalate

Molecular Formula: C2O4(C2H5)2

CAS: 95-92-1


Used as pharmaceutical intermediate and plastic accelerator.

It is mainly used as the intermediate of phenobarbital, bajica malonate, triethylamine and neoformamide It can also be used as an intermediate of dyestuffs and plastics, as well as a solvent for fibers and perfumes and the synthesis of organic substances.

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Figure 1 - Diethyl Oxalate Package - 200 KGs Steel Bucket

Other Names: 

​Diethyl Ethanedioate
Ethanedioic Acid Diethyl Ester
Ethyl Oxalate
Oxalic Acid Diethyl Ester
Rarechem Al Bi 0114
Diethyl Ester Of Oxalic Acid
Diethyl Ester, Oxalic Acid
Diethylester Kyseliny Stavelove
Oxalic Ether
Diethyl Oxalate, Standard For Gc
Diethyl Ethaneioate
Diethyl Oxalate [For Spectrophotometry]
Diethyl Dicarboxylate
Diethyl Ethane-1,2-Dioate
Diethyl Oxalate (2.5 Lt Pvc)
Diethyl Oxalate For Pharma Synthesis
Oxalic Diethyl Ester

Toxicity Protection:

It is easy to hydrolyze into acid and alcohol in the body, resulting in strong corrosivity and irritation. The oral LD50 of rats was 0.4 ~ 1.6g/kg. Its prominent symptoms are respiratory disorder and muscle tremor. Care should be taken to avoid inhalation of vapours and contact with skin.

 Packaging and Storage:

Packed in galvanized iron drum, with the specification of 200kg. Store and transport according to the regulations for toxic chemicals.

Physicochemical Properties:

Colorless oily liquid with aromatic smell.
The relative density is 1.0785 (20/4 ℃).
The melting point is - 40.6 ℃.
The boiling point is 185.4 ℃.
Refractive index nD (20 ℃) 1.4101.
Heat of vaporization 284.5J/g.
Specific heat capacity is 1.81J/(g · ℃).
It is miscible with ethanol, ether, acetone and other common solvents. It is slightly soluble in water and gradually decomposed by water.

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Figure 2 - Diethyl Oxalate Index